Thursday, 5 July 2012

I made a cushion!

A couple of months ago, I was having a Twitter chat with the lovely Anna and Carolyn (aka @Miss_Beatrix and @AyannaAccessory) about sewing.  Basically, we all agreed we'd like to do more of it but lacked the time, motivation and confidence.  We decided to pick a different (easy) sewing project each month which we would all have a go at and compare results at the end.  It seemed like a good way to learn new techniques and having the one-month deadline gave you motivation to finish, but also plenty of time to procrastinate.

This is the second month we've been doing this and we decided to each make a cushion. Now, bearing in mind that I'm a total sewing novice with a machine which has been in hibernation for several months (years), I'm very happy with how this turned out:

The back has a simple envelope style opening which was really easy to do and made me wonder why I'd convinced myself I'd make a mess of it.

I used this pattern/idea from the lovely Cluck Cluck Sew blog.  There are tons of other things I want to make from there now, including loads of amazing Sprocket Pillows which I'm going to attempt when my sewing confidence is a bit higher!

I'd not tried applique with a sewing machine before, only by hand, so I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got the hang of sewing round those little leaves.  

The first few I did were ridiculously wonky and I thought I'd have to abandon the machine and do the rest by hand, but I persevered and improved lots by the end.

The best thing about this is that it cost practically nothing to make.  All the fabrics were already in my stash, except the trunk which I cut up an old vest top for.  

I hope you like it and if you're a novice sewer and would like to join our little monthly challenges, get in touch on Twitter!



  1. That looks so goods - I love how all the different materials come together to make the leaves - so effective!

    1. Thanks so much! I love that you could use different colours/patterns/textures to get a completely different look each time x

  2. Such a lovely cushion, it looks fresh and timeless, and it seems to have turned out pretty close to your inspiration too. I can't wait to get stuck into some applique...will add it to the growing list of hobbies! x

    1. Aw, thanks Anna! I found it hard at first but it was really fun when I got stuck in - I am definitely going to be adding applique everything from now on :-D x

  3. It's a really lovely cushion - turned out beautifully! I love how you used printed fabrics for the appliqué leaves. I am a huge appliqué fan as well and will soon be doing lots of appliqué an embroiery for a wall hanging I'm working on :)

  4. Thank you! It's so addictive isn't it? I'd like to do a large wall hanging mixing embroidery and applique next, I think :-)