Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spring is in the air...?

Well, maybe not quite.  But here in the north west, it's been fantastically sunny for the last few days which has made me feel ever so slightly summery.  The temperatures might be sub-zero but cloudless blue skies and dazzling sunshine make everything look more cheerful.

Bluefinch Boutique has a lot of lovely stock coming over the next couple of weeks but as half of it still seems to be in LA (despite me checking the UPS tracking website every hour, it hasn't moved for days), I thought I'd pick out my favourite spring-themed goodies from the current range.

'Sweet Nothings' Gold Necklace

'Silver Blossoms' Clutch

Vintage Japanese Rose Earrings

'Walk In The Park' Bracelet

'Everything's Rosy' Rings

Here's to Spring 2012!  Just need to get all this snow and ice out the way first....  xx