Tuesday, 17 April 2012

We've got balls...

Yesterday, I wrote about Bluefinch Boutique's new range of vintage jewellery and showed you some of my favourites from the range.  It was a bit premature as today, I added what is definitely my favourite piece of vintage jewellery in the entire shop!  Meet the 'Belle of the ball' vintage locket necklace:

I just adore these lovely vintage ball lockets.  They were made in the 1960s and scrub up well with a bit of elbow grease and polish while still retaining their vintage charm.  The outside is lovely, shiny brass but pop the locket open, and you will find a contrasting copper compartment:

I love that although this necklace has a very definite 1960s vibe to it, it is simple and classic enough to be really wearable.  The necklace is embellished with a gold-plated leaf near the clasp which adds an extra little pretty touch.  I'm definitely keeping one of these for myself and anticipate I will wear it a lot!  

I think I am going to stick two teeny little photographs in mine, but you could also store a little folded up note in there, maybe a quote which inspires or moves you?



  1. Gorgeous, I love them! I will be buying one come payday!

  2. Love it. Always a sucker for a locket, I need this one to add to my collection.