Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bluefinch Boutique in 2013

Hello and Happy New Year!  I hope you have sufficiently recovered from the excesses of the festive period and are feeling positive and excited about the year ahead...I know I am! 

2012 was a huge year for Bluefinch Boutique.  It was the year I first got my handmade jewellery into some wonderful stockists around the north west and was the year when I could actually see the business providing me with a living.  I've only been trading since late 2011 and the shop is a bit of a hotch-potch of products and styles at the moment.  My plans for 2012 include streamlining the items and styles I sell, and adding lots more up-cycled and vintage jewellery.  My biggest sellers of 2012 were all vintage or vintage-inspired so I will definitely be adding more along these lines in 2013.

I just wanted to start the new year by thanking everyone who has supported me and Bluefinch on our little journey so far, whether by buying from me or one of my stockists, by bigging me up me on Twitter or Facebook, by reading this blog or in any of the other countless ways I've received support!

I've also recently started a new blog, Sunday Girl.  I wanted to separate the business and the personal a little so while this blog will continue to focus on store news, giveaways and new products, Sunday Girl will be full of...well, me.  Please pop over and say hello!



  1. Hooray, you did have a good year! 2013's looking bright and shiny :) x

  2. Thanks, Anna! Here's to a happy, healthy and creative 2013 for both of us :-) x