Thursday, 3 May 2012

New arrivals at the boutique

April was an incredibly busy month for me and Bluefinch Boutique so I didn't get as much time to make new jewellery as I would have liked.  Not that I'm complaining of course - if you're self-employed, there's nothing better than being busy - but I love the creative side of the business so was happy when I got a little window of time this week to start making up some new designs. It may only be the 3rd of May, but Bluefinch Boutique has already seen three new arrivals this month. 

I've somewhat neglected the world of bracelets since I set up shop, but I've now added not just one, but two pretty new pieces to decorate your wrists:

'Stealing my heart' gold bracelet 

'Rosalie' vintage jewel brass bracelet
The 'Stealing my heart' bracelet is in the same design as a previously added necklace, and the 'Rosalie' bracelet has matching earrings.

The third new item so far for May is this pretty necklace:

'Heart to Heart' silver necklace

I love layering two or three delicate charm necklaces so this double-chain necklace achieves that look perfectly!

I hope you're having a good May so far and that, like me, you're finding some time to do the things you like!


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