Friday, 30 March 2012

Crochet Rose Rings

After a lengthy absence from crocheting, I'm getting back into it in a big way.  At the moment, I'm loving making dainty little crocheted pieces with teeny weeny steel hooks.  I'm currently addicted to hooking these pretty roses and making them into rings:

Crochet rose ring available to buy at Bluefinch Boutique
I've never been a fan of crochet jewellery as most of what I've seen has been big and kind of clunky in appearance but these roses are so tightly stitched that they make delicate looking embellishments and are right up my street.  I hope you like them!



  1. That is gorgeous! One of the reasons why I love crocheting so much is just how delicate an intricate you can make pieces with the tiny hooks.

  2. Thank you :-) I haven't done much small-hook-crochet in the past but love it now I've tried it!